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The MoneySaver Podcast

Jan 25, 2019

Lana Sanichar talks with Jessica Moorhouse, host of the Mo'Money Podcast, blogger and millennial expert about the most pressing issues on millennial minds right now.  We touch on topics about home ownership, investing, retirement and side hustles.


Questions Asked:

2:40 Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Tell us about your personal finance journey.


7:24 Who were your mentors?  What were you reading to help you make that leap from your old career to becoming a speaker, educator, blogger and an accredited financial councillor?


10:25 Describe who your listeners are. 


11:15 What are the most pressing financial issues that millennials are facing today?


16:53  How is the stress test affecting millennials?


17:39  Are millennials active investors? 


21:32  Are millennials thinking about retirement? 


23:55 Are millennial women actively engaged in their personal finances?


29:14 Have you faced any barriers as a woman in the personal finance industry?


30:40 What are your best three tips that you tell people or that you have used personally to reach your money goals.


31:35 What do you use to track your spending?