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The MoneySaver Podcast

Feb 7, 2019

In episode #14 of the MoneySaver Podcast, Ellen Roseman chats with Shannon Lee Simmons, CFP and author of Living Debt Free about how she racked up over $9000 worth of debt in a fourteen month period and how guilt, shame and regret took over because of the debt.


Questions Asked:

1:29  Tell us about the experience of being in debt and what you learned from it.


5:17  And you were worried about your now husbands reaction.  But it turned out to be ok?


7:16  How long did it take for you to raid your RSP to clear up the debt?


12:05  What made you decide to write your book and how is it different from other financial books on the market?


17:52  How long have you been a financial planner?


18:15 You’ve actually included some case studies in your book. 


19:33  I understand that your main focus is the average, everyday Canadian.  How do you make financial planning accessible to those who may not necessarily be able to afford financial planning?


21:47  What does affordable mean in terms of your services?


26:34  Do you find that online courses work well?


32:02  What are your three best tips on money, life, and managing your money and your life.


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