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The MoneySaver Podcast

Apr 18, 2018

In the fourth episode of the MoneySaver podcast, we speak with Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist for the Globe and Mail.  We talk about Boomers, Millennials, your home as an investment, car loans Robo Advisors and a variety of other personal finance topics.


1:07:  How did you get into writing advice columns about money?

2:49: As a contrarian, what do you think about housing as an investment?

3:50: How will rising interests rates will affect Canadians who own homes?

6:18: Do you think Canadians are well-served by their banks?

8:40:  How do we teach our kids about money?  Is including personal finance as a part of the educational curriculum the answer?

11:45:  With regards to investing..what will it take to get Canadians to switch from their love affair with mutual funds to more low cost options like ETFs?

13:25:  What is a Robo Advisor?

20:10:  Do you follow your own advice when it comes to you and your family?

21:00:  So you're not a fan of the budget?

22:04:  What do you think of frugality?

24:00:  Boomer parents taking away from their retirement to help their children with money.

28:28:  Regarding frugality and splurging, what are some of the things that you splurge on?

29:23:  Do you save up in advance or use your credit card?

31:38:  Have you taught your kids about money?  Do they share your attitudes?

31:53:  What are your three best tips about what to do with your money?

34:21:  Ellen's Tips and Tricks:  Car and Home Insurance