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The MoneySaver Podcast

Jun 10, 2019

In episode #22 of the MoneySaver Podcast, we chat with Dan Bortolotti, blogger, financial planner and podcast host of the Canadian Couch Potato about exchange traded funds (ETFs), index investing, passive vs active investing and all-in-one ETFs.

Questions Asked:

0:56 Tell us a little bit about what got you interested in the couch potato approach to investing.

3:02 You won a Globe and Mail award for The Couch Potato blog.

3:50 Can you explain index investing?  Why is it lower cost? What is the difference between passive and active?

7:58 What has held index funds back?

11:59 What made you decide to take the leap from being a full time journalist to a financial advisor?

17:18 What do you think about the growth in actively managed ETFs?

20:54 What do you think of the advent of robo-advisors as a way to fill the market gap for individuals who do not want to do the work on their own?

27:02 The newest product is the all in one ETF portfolio priced really low which seems to give you a lot of advantages of a robo-advisor.  What do you think of those?

36:00 What are three tips that are essential for Canadians to consider when they’re thinking about investing.