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The MoneySaver Podcast

May 3, 2023

Ellen Roseman speaks with Julie Petrera, Senior Strategist for client needs at Edward Jones. They talk about the changing face of retirement in Canada including how the attitudes of Canadians towards retirement are changing. They discuss un-retirement and the "new retirement". They also talk the different programs...

Apr 6, 2023

Ellen Roseman speaks with Sol Amos, entrepreneur and founder of They discuss the 5 types of financial advisors/planners as well as questions to ask when selecting a financial advisor/planner. 

This podcast episode is sponsored by BMO ETFs.

This podcast presentation is for informational purposes only....

Feb 24, 2023

Ellen Roseman speaks with Michael Bartz, host of the In Over My Head podcast, about his tiny house and lowering his environmental footprint as well as living simply and frugally.


Jan 18, 2023

Ellen roseman speaks to Barbara Stewart, Chartered Financial Analyst and Research, about post-pandemic non-retirement as well as her Rich Thinking Research on women and money and how women are re-inventing themselves as relating to employment, post-pandemic. She also discusses her five post pandemic financial...