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The MoneySaver Podcast

Oct 19, 2018

In the ninth episode of the MoneySaver podcast, we chat with Doris Belland, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of Protect Your Purse: Shared Lessons for Women about steps that a woman can take to secure herself in the even of divorce or even the death of a spouse.  We also chat about her women's money group and how she overcame $400 000 of debt after the death of her first husband.


Getting to Know Doris,


0:35   What drove you to write your book Protect Your Purse: Shared Lessons for Women?


13:10   Tell me a little bit more about the book.


18:06  What steps did you take to clear up the $400 000 debt?


25:06  You write a lot about mindset and money habits.  Can you elaborate on how mindset can affect our money habits?


27:09  Do you have another book in the works?


27:49  How can women get involved in your women’s money group?


 29:51  What are the three best tips that you recommend that someone can take to ensure their security?