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The MoneySaver Podcast

Mar 8, 2019

We chat with Melissa Leong, author of "Happy Go Money", social media and television personality, in the 16th episode of the MoneySaver Podcast.  She talks about how more money won't make you happier and that you should be happy with the money that you have. She also explains what the hedonic treadmill is and how spending money on "experiences" instead of "stuff"  will allow you to be happier.


Questions Asked:


1:03  Tell us about your book “Happy Go Money” and how you embarked on the road to being a published author in the personal finance space.

3:02  Tell us about what happened to your husband.

5:18  Could you explain what the Hedonic Treadmill is?

6:59  Social media is a big influence also.  It makes us think that everyone else has it so why don’t we.

8:59   Is it a problem that we are always looking at other people and comparing ourselves?

11:45  How do you make sure that you are happy with what you have and do not feel like you’re missing out?

15:22  Another thing that you talk about in the book is “experiences” and not “stuff”.

19:22 A lot of what drives our money behaviour is psychology.

21:10  Did you struggle over the writing of your book “Happy Go Money” or was it generally pretty straightforward?

25:12  Tell us a little about your side hustle.

28:52  What steps did you take to get all those sales all around the world.

31:59  What are your three best tips for money and life?


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