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The MoneySaver Podcast

Nov 21, 2018

In the 11th edition of the MoneySaver Podcast, we speak with Rona Birenbaum, Certified Financial Planner, from Caring For Clients.  In honour of Financial Planning Week, we discuss financial planning, the process of creating a financial plan, debt, spending and her new tech start-up Viviplan, a new, low-cost financial planning service for Canadians. 


:48  Tell us a little bit about what attracted you to financial planning.


3:51  You’re one of the few fee-only certified financial planners.  Is it much more difficult to make money with this type of service model?


5:41  For the benefit for our listeners can you explain how the process of creating a financial plan works and what fee an individual who seeks out your service can expect to pay?


9:50  How many hours do you think it takes to create a financial plan for someone who has even just a simple situation?


10:50 Tell us about Viviplan and the $800 fee expressed on your website.


14:03  Describe how you tailor this new service to the client?


17:45  Could you explain the two financial goals at most that is mentioned on your website?


18:38  As we all know, start-ups take money. How are you doing on the financing front?


20:30  Robo-Advisors have, for the most part, gotten rid of much of the personal interaction with customers. How essential is it for a customer to keep that personal relationship with a Certified Financial Planner in the process?


22:60  I understand that you’re looking at a subscription model. 


24:47  What kind of a monthly fee are you expecting?


26:29 What are you top three tips for our listeners when it comes to managing their finances?



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