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The MoneySaver Podcast

Sep 30, 2019

In the 23rd edition of the MoneySaver Podcast, Ellen Roseman chats with Dale Roberts, blogger behind the Cut The Crap Investing!  In this episode we chat about robo-advisors, all-in-one ETF portfolios and Dale gives us his three best money tips that he has found useful in his life.

0:50  What led you to taking on the role of chief disruptor behind the Cut the Crap Investing blog?

5:10  What is the purpose of Cut the Crap Investing and what are you trying to do for the average person who would like to invest?

6:13 What does the “Crap” in your name stand for?

7:00  How do you analyze each robo-advisor and write it up in a way that you’re adding some value for Canadians who are trying to choose?

9:20  Can you give us a good description of what a robo-advisor is?

10:55  How quickly are robo-advisors growing in Canada and are they growing quick enough?

14:19  Do you think that the all-in-one ETF portfolios will replace robo-advisors?

15:45  It’s also much easier when a robo-advisor will rebalance for you.

19:19  What kind of stocks do you like to buy for yourself?

22:17  Because some companies like banks, telco’s, and railroads are protected, they do so well and customers cannot use their market power to force companies to lower their prices or make them more consumer friendly.  That makes them a better investment.

25:26  How do you move Canadians from the banks and their mutual fund offerings into something that will save them money like even funds who have much lower management expense ratios?

27:10  Give use your three best money tips that you have found useful in your own life?