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The MoneySaver Podcast

Sep 27, 2018

In the Episode #8 of the MoneySaver Podcast, we talk to Tea Nicola, CEO of Wealthbar, a robo-advisor.  We talk about robo-advisors, women in the boardroom, investing advice and Nicola Wealth Management funds.


2.49   How did your family connections help you get started?

4:55 Tell us what your firm is, what it does and what led you to opening this type of firm instead of a traditional firm.

7:55 How’s it going so far and who is your typical client?

9:20 Suppose I’m one of those pre-retirement people. How much advice would I receive from you and how do you deliver it?

11:40 I understand that In your firm, I will have a dedicated advisor. That is different from other firms that are robo-advisors.

14:00 And how do you like being a woman in the financial services industry? And how do you feel about encouraging female clients to handle their own money?

18:06 Are women well represented within your client base?

19:57   You are also involved in the government of Canada’s digital industries table. Can you tell us what that is and why you decided to take part?

23:08 You are also part of Nicola Wealth Management in that you offer some of their funds. How do you decide how much of the managed funds go into somebody’s account vs the ETFs that you also use.

25:30 What are the top 3 tips that you have found helpful?

28:37 Do you offer a socially responsible portfolio?