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The MoneySaver Podcast

Jun 19, 2018

In episode six, Ellen chats with Bridget Casey, creator of the blog Money After Graduation

They discuss the debt snowball, debt avalanche and the debt snowflake methods of clearing up debt as well as the overall financial health of millennials in Canada.



0:52  Tell us how you got started and what your finances were like when you graduated university.


 1:38  So you found blogging about your personal finances was motivating you to clean them up?


3:42  Tell us a little about what you’ve learned about personal finance as a new mother.


5:51  How are you managing to balance work and life right now especially with the high cost of daycare?


6:29  Tell us about what is.


7:45  Tell us a little about your course, The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio. 


9:00  How does your course, The Six-Figure Stock Porfolio,  compare to the Canadian Securities Course?


10:33  What is your personal approach to investing?


11:01  What is the typical age of the people who take your course?


11:16  Are they investing inside an RRSP or TFSA?


11:45  What approach do you take regarding debt and investing?


13:45  What do you think about the general financial health of millennials in Canada?


14:58  Earlier, you talked about the debt snowball vs debt avalanche.  Now I see you talking about the debt snowflake.  Maybe you could tell us a little about the different approaches.


17:15  You’re on YouTube a lot.  Do you do all the work yourself or do you have help with it?


19:45  Do you spend a lot of time editing videos?


20:02  What are your three best personal finance tips that you try to live by as well?


20:53  What is some practical advice to negotiating a salary?


23:11  As a self-employed individual, do you still use those negotiating skills in your own personal situation?


24:00  I heard you’re writing a book.  How is that going?


Ellen's Tips and Tricks:  

Tips to improving your success when negotiating with big companies on their services.